Do you have a B2B business? Make ecommerce a relevant touchpoint for your customers as well as your products' end users. Gather and strategically analyse data on their behaviour.

The road towards B2B2C is already set. Don't fall behind.

For B2B companies, one of the most critical issues is to understand and get to know their end users, which is essential to take strategic decisions. The rise of a B2B2C ecommerce approach can remove this obstacle: with Quix custom B2B2C ecommerce solutions, you’ll improve the user experience and communication with your customers whilst connecting directly with your brand’s end users. This way you will gather valuable insights into their behaviour, which can be used to chart the best course of action.

We support you in the choice of the CMS, the hosting and in the design.
We make your business applications, such as ERP software, communicate with your new ecommerce solution..
Through digital marketing and automation activities, we make sure that your ecommerce platform gets in front of the right users
We monitor your data and stay by your side to enhance the user experience.


24/7 online presence
Improved customer journey
Increased brand awareness
Low running costs
Better insights for strategic decision making

A B2B2C ecommerce customised to your needs. Always up to date.

We don’t just choose the technology best suited to your needs, to create an e-commerce solution and to integrate it with your company’s existing systems. Leveraging the power of Salesforce® solutions, we will also take care of your B2B2C marketing with a 360-degree approach, guiding you through all the steps necessary to improve the user experience and add new functionalities. In doing so, your business will always be at the forefront of this ever-changing market.


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